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If you have some questions about bail bonds, then you’re definitely not alone. Bail bonds are something that many people find themselves confused about if they find themselves in the sticky situation of having a bond placed on them. We’re going to go through the top Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds(FAQ) and what the answers to those questions are. Hopefully, you’ll find this helpful in getting all of the unknowns cleared away that you have of bail bonds!

What information does the bail bond agent need to know before they can help?

There are certain pieces of information that you need to get ready before a bail bond agent can help you out. Here’s what you need to have prepared:

– You need to know where the person in custody is being held. This would include the prison name and location including the town, state, and zip code.
– You’re going to have to give the agent the full name and jail booking number of the person who needs bail. This is crucial to have so the agent can properly contact the jail.
-You also need to know how much the bail is, of course. If you’re aren’t aware of the exact number, then either you or the bail bonds agent can call the jail to get it.

How do you exactly get over a bail bond?
Of course, you’re going to have to know the process of getting through a bail bond and getting the person in custody released until the court date. Here are the ways that you can do it:

– You can use a bail bondsman.
– You can pay up front in cash to the jail or the court for the amount of the bail.
– The court will accept your property as a bail payment.
– The judge can decide that the person in custody can be let out without paying the bond.

Will you receive a refund after the case is over?
When you pay out a premium to a bail bond office, you’re not going to get that back after the case ends, unfortunately. This is the price you have to pay to get the bond paid by the bail bondsman. However, there may be some exceptions to this rule, depending on your personal case.

Is the defendant able to travel outside of the state while they’re on bond?

The bonding office is going to have to give permission if the defendant wants to leave the state or the country during a specific period of time.

There you have it! There are many questions surrounding bail bonds and getting through this obstacle. These are the top questions and hopefully, they were answered by this article.

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